Daan and Other Giving Traditions in India: The Forgotten Pot of Gold [hardcover]

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The giving practices among the orthodox communities are not well understood by the modern society, and sometimes derided as irrelevant. Yet they continue to drive a large proportion of the global charity, providing relief and succour to the needy at a relatively low cost. Such giving, unknown, unsung, undocumented is a fascinating study of how faith can move mountains of gold across continents, often with only a trowel and a handcart. What motivates the faithful to give, though they might themselves have limited means? This book explores the varied traditional methods of fund-raising among the believers belonging to different faiths in India. It offers glimpses of a giving that was once immensely creative and complex, similar to the architectural marvel that the famed ruins of Angkor Wat must once have been. Many of the forms, rituals, themes, ways, occasions, and methods through which people gave are now extinct. However, the extremely rich literature and lore that supported these is still available. This literature shows systematic thought, as well as use of psychology and communication techniques. These insights into fund-raising and the potential of uniting orthodox charity with modern philanthropy are the subject matter of this unique book on traditions of giving in India.

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